My biggest passion is to make abstract things real. Today, my job as a brand strategist is turning intangible ideas into experienceable brand assets and touchpoints. 

Even though my head is stuck on powerpoints, my heart still belongs to design. On this page I try to point out the connections and differences between both practices of the disciplines and explain topics from marketing or corporate management with the mind of a designer. I believe in the new and the strength of the yet unknown.

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... extract from Sascia Bailer, curator of the project:

What remains of an encounter, of a conversation? Personal memories, sensations, emotions and maybe some notes? How can these fleeting moments be captured -- and how can the experience be made accessible to people who were not there?

A group of students from the Studio Experimentelles Design of the HFBK Hamburg dealt with these questions in order to develop an Archive of Encounter: For one year, four students have been accompanying the curatorial program at M.1 on the topic of Care by Sascia Bailer (Artistic Director 2019/20 of M.1). Each of these events was documented by a student and afterwards artistically interpreted. This resulted in eight interpretations of the events in the form of suitcases that allow outsiders to access what happened. The Archive of Encounter is mobile and participatory: Through the cooperation with the public library in Hohenlockstedt, it can be borrowed like any other media. In this way, these topics can be made accessible to people who could not participate in the programme but who want to deal with these issues. In this sense, the archive invites people to search for traces and to engage with the topics, impressions and experiences in peace and quiet, and in turn to create their own encounters with the contents.

Lending of the archive is possible from Friday, 12 June 2020 to Friday, 23 October 2020 in the Hohenlockstedt public library during regular opening hours (Monday to Friday from 3-6pm and Tuesday and Friday from 9-11.30am). Borrowing is free of charge for members of the library; those who are not yet members can take out a trial membership for three months for 3 euros.

The project is carried out by students of the Studio Experimental Design at the HFBK Hamburg (Klasse Prof. Jesko Fezer), Veronica Andres, Pablo Lapettina, Laura Mahnke & Skadi Sturm.

Fotos by Laura Mahnke