breath... in.

Design can reach easily, what is a real deal breaker for other disciplines: A lot of enthusiam and interest. A simple access. Design is a wonderful catalysist and instrument, to motivate or reflect the society for themselves.

Design makes people think (or think less), makes them value things ore processes and give them a certain joy to get their daily tasks done. As a bachelor‘s thesis I decided to rethink a rangehood.

It is visually breathing and were created for a hanging solution above table cooking stations and indoor barbeques.


Eventhough this project was still created during my studies of industrial design, it reveals my wish to gain experiences and create new ways into socially engaged design.

This project symbols the bridge between those disciplines. Is creative industrial design more than making things look fancy? Yes. Should we just produce more and more fun objects? No.

Similiar to the priority-check at an airplane bevor takeoff, the switch for turning on the Dal was created. You see a leather ticket, with an insulating.

With pulling the insulating ticket, the connection of the electric circle is made and the vacuumer starts vacuuming.To create transparency can also mean to reduce complexity for the recipient. This is the most effective way to invite the user to get in touch. If its simple, we feel safe.

The vacuum inside generates the air for the ballon to rise. As longer it sucks, the bigger the ballon gets and wanders the wires up to the cei- ling. We, as humans, know this principal: we breath in, our body fills with air.

A lot of laws are involved, if you are creating for the gastronomy in- dustry. To ensure a central axhoust air soltution, all Dals are connec- ted through a tube system. A magnetic closing mechanism opens, when the ballon reaches the top. A filter inside the balloon unit climbs up while voluminzing, and seperates fat and carbonous from the air.

Also it is important to stand out the material facts: through reserach in fireprotective materials, the two shells at the bottom are made out of fire protection mats, which are also used in industrial ovens. The ballon is made of fire protective PU, which is also used for hot air ballons. Shells are attatched with strong magnets to the iron made vacuumer.

And here is what this project looked like, when the idea was born first.

breath, and just breath