My biggest passion is to make abstract things real. Today, my job as a brand strategist is turning intangible ideas into experienceable brand assets and touchpoints. 

Even though my head is stuck on powerpoints, my heart still belongs to design. On this page I try to point out the connections and differences between both practices of the disciplines and explain topics from marketing or corporate management with the mind of a designer. I believe in the new and the strength of the yet unknown.

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Besides my dedication and character as human being, i also bring strength to bear with ambiguity and a number of certificates, to give you something to hold on to, when in doubt about the source.

Product Design

Bachelor of Arts


Studying Abroad, Sukwoo Lee
Industrial & Transportation Design

Bachelor of Arts

HBK Braunschweig

with Erich Kruse

Master of Fine Arts


at Jesko Fezer

I am driven by passion, atypia and sensual design ideas. Originally studied in industrial design and transportation design, I proceeded my master studies in general design and ran through different design jobs until I reached the field of branding and brand strategy. After a short freelancing and side-jobbing career, I am currently working as a brand strategist for Mutabor, a design agency in Germany, Hamburg.

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